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Cross Section Of Longues-sur-Mer Bunkers

Discussion in 'Longues-sur-Mer' started by Jim, Nov 22, 2010.

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    The Cross Section Of A Casment.

    1. Firing Chamber
    2. Used Cartridge Trench
    3. Cannon
    4. Ammunition Hold


    The Cross Section And Plan Of A Casement.

    1. Concrete Roof
      Hook For Camouflage Netting
      Ventilation Duct
      Vertical Firing Range
      Concrete Foundation
      Sump For Streaming Water Evacuation
      Camouflage Netting


    1. Firing chamber
    2. Cannon
    3. Trench
    4. Ammunition hold
    5. Abutment


    The four casemates can be distinguished with their gun, shelters, ammunition holds and, in the foreground, the firing command post. Each artillery position, surrounded by a minefield, constituted a strong point.

    1. Firing Command Post
    2. Tobruk Or Machine Gun Emplacements
    3. Shelter And Ammunition Hold
    4. Casemates
    5. Ammunition Holds
    6. Trenches
    7. Barbed Wire
    8. Mines

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