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Discussion in 'Submarines and ASW Technology' started by DEF_gatordad, May 9, 2018.

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    May 9, 2018
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    Doenitz Elite Flotilla is looking for a few good kaleun.


    |DEF| - THE DOENITZ ELITE FLOTILLA is a group of U-Boot-enthusiasts from various nations
    who regularly meet on TeamSpeak and now have the pleasure to invite you.


    |DEF| offers many truely unique features for active members:
    various location maps (auto-generated)
    public TeamSpeak-Channels
    full transparency = no "private channels" behind closed doors
    BOTH: SinglePlayer- and MultiPlayer-engagements
    own SP/MP-combined campaigns, such as this one
    automated point-table scoring system where all this is evaluated
    automated Captains-Roster (="Member-List")
    a personal career-thread with individual orders issued by a human BdU
    ENiGMA-encryption (including monthly code-sheets)
    own software, for instance our tools and a |DEF|-pack
    own demos, such as our trailer called "[DEFPT1]_We_are_back!.7z"
    own videos, see here: Doenitz Elite Flotilla - Video Releases
    80+ own dynamic signatures (auto-generated with your individual awards)
    and yet much more...
    Click on the blue banner above or
    READ MORE ABOUT [DEF] - The Doenitz Elite Flotilla

    Unlike Susi, we do not want to boast with 140.000+ members of which 99% are never active.
    We would like to see you actively taking part in our ranks.



    You may also be interested in our current campaign - Operation Paukenschlag (you can join in anytime):

    See our announcement: Doenitz Elite Flotilla - CAMPAIGN #02: OPERATION PAUKENSCHLAG

    Of interest: we are also planning to incorporate SH4+Operation Monsun(ATO) with Operation Paukenschlag.

    Good Hunting!​
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