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Douvres-La-Delivrande Cemetery

Discussion in 'Douvres-La-Delivrande' started by Jim, Aug 28, 2010.

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    1,123 graves: 927 British, 11 Canadian, 3 Australian, Polish, 180 German, 1 unknown

    Three kilometres from the Landing Beach Juno, the German radar station on the Basly road at Douvres became for several days an entrenched camp. An RAMC operating theatre was set up in a convent at La Délivrande; the first casualties buried here were killed on 6th July. Later, soldiers killed between Caen and the coast was also interred. The cemetery entrance on the outskirts of the town is easy to find on the Caen road. A square pavilion with a pointed top, roofed in stone is flanked by pergolas. Visible through the opening in the pavilion, the Cross of Sacrifice stands at the end of the central alley. On a small mound of turf it is bounded by low walls. The grave-stones are set out symmetrically on either side of the central alley bordered with clipped yew trees. The German section is on the right. The stones are of a different type and shape. Oddly enough the one Polish soldier has been buried apart from the others.


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