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Edward F. Woody, American, Co M 3rd Btn 338th Inf Reg 85th Inf Div

Discussion in 'Information Requests' started by Jonathan Woody, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Jonathan Woody

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    May 25, 2018
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    Hello, I'm trying to research my great-grandfather, Edward Franklin Woody, who served as an officer in Company M, 3rd Battalion, 338th Infantry Regiment, part of the 85th Infantry Division, during the Italian Campaign of World War II. He enlisted as a Private in 1940 and entered combat in the Spring of 1944 as a Second Lieutenant, eventually rising to the rank of Major by the end of the war. He received the Silver Star for actions of heroism leading a Mortar Platoon during the advance towards Rome, as well as a Bronze Star and Purple Heart (with oak leaves). However, this is about as much as I can find on my great-grandfather. I've tried looking for his name in after-action reports and unit histories, but to no success. And just my luck, the book that possibly details his actions throughout the war, titled "History of the 3rd Battalion 338th Infantry Regiment 85th Infantry Division World War II" is not available online, and I can't find any place to order a hard copy. If anybody is able to assist in helping me find further research sources on my great-grandfather would be greatly appreciated!

    -Jonathan Woody
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    It's pretty rare to find an individual mentioned in AARs or other unit reports other than in casualty or award lists. Since you know he received a Silver Star Medal, there should be a General Order which the website Home of Heroes shows as: Woody, Edward F. HQ, 85th Infantry Division, G.O. No. 33 (1944)
    The Army unit records are held at the NARA in College Park, MD. However, you cannot request just one GO from the NARA. They will only provide copies of entire folders/groups of records. Alternatives are to go there yourself or hire a researcher to find a copy of the GO. Also, there is a Company I, 338th Infantry Facebook page. I would try posting there and see if you get a response. It looks as if the last activity was a year ago, but it's worth a try. Company I was also in 3rd Battalion, so there is a possibility you may also connect with someone who has the 3rd Bn History that Lou mentioned.

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