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Elwood "Woody" Hughes

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by GRW, Feb 24, 2021.

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    "Elwood “Woody” Hughes, war veteran and witness to events on Iwo Jima, passed away February 2nd aged 95. As a Marine he was present on the Japanese island when American soldiers raised the flag on Mount Suribachi.
    Photographer Joe Rosenthal captured an iconic image, winning the Pulitzer Prize. A world famous memorial was placed in Arlington County, Virginia.
    According to Military.com, Private First Class Hughes had landed on Iwo Jima a day before the stars and stripes found a home on Suribachi. The raising happened just 4 days into the conflict, which lasted 36 days in total.
    Hughes’ death is almost the end of an era. Reportedly 2 other ex-servicemen survive. He was one of the last people from the Chicago area to set foot on Iwo Jima. He’d only opened up about the battle relatively recently, in 2019.
    In an interview for the American Veterans Center last year, he talked about his background and military career. Hughes was born May 14th on a farm in 1925. His self sufficient situation meant he avoided certain hardships from the Great Depression.
    His parents were Elwood E. and Eva Mae (nee Roberts) Hughes, as mentioned in his obituary for Glueckert Funeral Home. He also had an older sister, mentioned in his chat to the Veterans Center. Hughes entered the service in 1943, fresh out of Roanoke High School.
    Hughes’ first experience of conflict was at the Battle of Saipan, part of the Pacific campaign. His commander was Gen H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Smith, “the father of U.S. amphibious warfare” writes Military.com."
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    Iwo Jima? God bless!

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