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First British A.A Girl Killed

Discussion in 'Women at War' started by Jim, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Reported in the War Illustrated May 1942

    Pte. Nora Caveney, of Walsden, near Rochdale, Lancashire was the first of Britain's A.A girls to be killed in action. Private Caveney was working a predictor on a gun-site during an enemy air raid on the South Coast in the early Hours of April 17 1942. She was following an enemy plane and was "on target" when she was hit by a splinter of a bomb which fell not far from the emplacement. Another A.T.S Private Gladys Keel, at once took Pte. Caveney's position. A battery officer said that the girls' discipline under fire was splendid.


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