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Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun

Discussion in 'Allied Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Crew of a 3.7in Anti-Aircraft Gun. [​IMG]

    The crew wore standard pattern khaki overalls, topped with service-issue brown sleeveless leather jerkins. That combination gave maximum freedom of movement during the hard manual work of feeding shells into the gun during firing. Each man wore a Mark I steel helmet, with the strap behind the neck. The latter was important because if the wearer was close to the gun's muzzle when it fired, the blast could whip away the helmet; if the strap was under the chin, it could cause serious or even lethal injuries to the wearer. The breach loader held a 3.7in high-explosive round, identified by the yellow shell and the green band and circle. The weight of the shell was 56lbs
    For protection the shell loader wore a leather glove on his right hand when he pushed the round into the breech.


    Drawing by Darko Pavlovic

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