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Jacob Devers

Discussion in 'Who Was Who Of America During WWII' started by Jim, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Jacob Devers (1887-1979)

    Nationality: American. [​IMG]

    Senior position: Commander Sixth Army Group.

    Final rank: General.

    Devers held senior staff posts from May 1943 to October 1944 as the US Army's commander of European Theater of Operations, and then the African Theater of Operations, and finally as Allied commander in the Mediterranean. He then led the Sixth Army Group from southern France into southern Germany and then on to Austria.


    On June 6, 1943, General Jacob Devers congratulates Robert K. Morgan, Captain of the B-17 “Memphis Belle,” on completing twenty-five combat missions over occupied Europe. The “Belle” was chosen as the focal point of a war bond tour in the United States and was immortalized in William Wyler’s Oscar-winning documentary for the Office of War Information.

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