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Junkers Ju88R

Discussion in 'Axis Bomber Planes' started by Jim, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Entering service in late 1942, the 88R was a night fighter variant ofthe Luftwaffe's best medium bomber. The Ju88R was fitted with improved BMW radial engines to improve performance. One example was flown to Britain by its crew who wished to defect, enabling the RAF to evaluate its Lichtenstein radar and so devise immediate countermeasures.


    JUNKERS Ju88R [​IMG]

    • TYPE: Two or three-seat night fighter
    • ENGINES: Two 1,700hp BMW 801D 14 cylinder aircooled radial engines
    • DIMENSIONS: Wingspan 65 ft 7'1/4 in (20 m) Length 47 ft 2'3/4in (14.40 m) Height 15 ft 11 in (4.85 m)
    • WEIGHT: loaded weight 25,358 lb (11,500 kg)
    • ARMAMENT: Three 20 mm cannon and three 7.92 mm machine guns in the nose. Some aircraft fitted with two 20 mm cannon firing forwards and upwards.



    • TYPE: Airborne interception radar in nose of Ju88R.
    • FREQUENCY: 490 MHz
    • POWER OUTPUT: 1.5 kW
    • EFFECTIVE RANGE: max 11,480 ft (3,500 m) min 656 ft (200m)
    • DISPLAY: Three cathode ray screens showing range, direction and height

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