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Life and times of John Brisker

Discussion in 'Sport & Athletics' started by Class of '42, Apr 22, 2020.

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    Whatever happened to John Brisker?

    John Brisker was a professional basketball player from the streets of Detroit to the University of Toledo, to the newly formed ABA Pittsburgh Pipers in the late 60's and then onto the Seattle Super Sonics. His short professional career lasted only from 1969-75 but his reputation as an basketball enforcer on and off the court was well known.

    But he left it all behind in February 1978, as John and a friend left for Africa to reportedly start up an import/export business to help pay off some debts. But six weeks later was the last time anybody heard of him, thru a long distance phone call from Kampala, Uganda and than silence.

    Soon rumors began to swirl of his fate, either he was killed by while fighting as a mercenary for Idi Amin in Uganda, or that he was murdered after running afoul of the dictator and eaten by him, well at least his heart according to tribal rituals.

    Another rumor was he drifted to Guyana and died in the Jonestown massacre in November 1978. Or that he was simply executed by rebels during the Ugandan revolution in 1979 and tossed in a mass grave (which sounds more to the truth). Or perhaps he took on a new identity and is still hiding out somewhere today in the United States from the I.R.S. or the mob or ghosts from the past.

    I remember watching him play forward for the Seattle Sonics at the old Coliseum back in the early 70's, along with teammates Spencer Haywood, Jim McDaniels, Butch Beard, Dick Snyder and Lee Winfield. He certainly had talent but seemed like he always had some big chip on his shoulder, as he broke the noses of two former ABA players with punches to the face.

    Nobody really knows his fate today...for he was certainly a very interesting cat who knew how to play some serious hoops but had a more interesting exit in life.

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