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M-26 & M-46 reliability report.

Discussion in 'Weapons & Technology in WWII' started by chromeboomerang, Apr 19, 2009.

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    Found this at Axis history & queried it's source. This is what was reported.

    ORO Report "Employment of Armor in Korea". The Dupuy Institute had a copy, but I also believe that Leavenworth's CARL or the US Military History Institute hade one.

    And it could be expected that the number total number of M-26 deadlined would be about twice the actual number of M-4 deadlined. (In Korea of 252 “re-built” M-26 employed, 105 suffered major mechanical failures or 41.7%, it’s “stablemate” the even “improved” 173 M-46 suffered 76 major mechanical failures or 43.9%. Major mechanical failures in the 516 M4A3 – mostly “re-built” – employed were just 112 or 21.7%. Note that in 347 tanks suffering major mechanical failures 107 became write-offs.

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