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Mannerheim and St Petersburg

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe' started by Kai-Petri, Dec 15, 2020.

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    Mannerheim Exhibition Opens in St. Petersburg

    Mannerheim Exhibition Opens in St. Petersburg


    The show features over 500 items, some of which have never been exhibited before.

    The exhibition covers Mannerheim's career spanning from an officer of the Tsar, as a hero of the Finnish Civil War and as the Commander-in-Chief of Finnish forces in the wars against the Soviets.

    Doctor Georgi Vilinbahov, from the National Hermitage Museum said that feelings towards Finland have changed since the late 80s.


    Been a long time since but Mannerheim is respected by many sources in St Petersburg. We visited the city in 2004 and our guide knew every place where Mannerheim lived during his stay in the Russian army time. No mention of the Finnish commander time but just the fact he is so respected feels weird but makes a warm feeling inside.



    Gustaf Mannerheim on left with sword


    The Russian army ( I say the Royal army but I could be wrong )


    Mannerheim leading the coronation procession of the Russian tsar Nikolay II in 1896.

    ThereĀ“s more to the man you ever guessed.

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