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New BoB Combat reports archive!

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by GRW, Nov 29, 2021.

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    Saving up as I type this!
    "Join the most exciting Battle of Britain project ever!
    Never before have the aerial combats of the Battle been chronicled. True, there are hundreds of books available about the aircraft, the men, the tactics and the casualties - but when it comes to the actual fighting remarkably little is available.

    The Idea
    Simon Parry and Mark Postlethwaite, owners of Red Kite, have created an entirely new concept to clearly illustrate each combat.
    Each day is broken down into the individual engagements that took place, hour-by-hour.
    Each engagement features:

    · A map showing where the combat took place, the forces involved and where aircraft were shot down.

    · Listing of RAF and Luftwaffe Casualties.

    · Listing of RAF and Luftwaffe victory claims.

    · Squadron reports.

    · Pilot’s combat reports.

    New information
    A key new feature is the information from the RAF Casualty files. These documents have only recently been made available by the Ministry of Defence, and add a remarkable new level of detail to the RAF casualties. Still in the process of be released, the reports are often published here within months of becoming available.

    Warts and All
    Some of the information does not make for easy reading, or present a pretty picture of events. The extent of ‘over-claiming’ on both sides is clear to see, as are the accounts of ‘friendly fire’, the failings of the controllers and the lack of air-sea rescue to save downed pilots.

    In their own words
    No ‘third-party’ accounts are included. Every report is reproduced as it was written by the pilots themselves or the Intelligence Officers. Their words bring the events they had witnessed just hours before to life in a way no modern commentary could.

    Bringing the Battle into the 21st Century
    Books on the Battle have become ever more academic and ‘dull’. The Battle of Britain Combat Archive brings the colour back with dozens of specially commissioned artworks and profiles of the aircraft. Artist Mark Postlethwaite has designed a full colour format to make each page and table easy to understand."

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