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Discussion in 'HyperWar GHQ' started by OpanaPointer, Mar 2, 2010.

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    1 March 2010

    • Appendices to the NSA "Battle of the Atlantic" (U[SIZE=-1]LTRA[/SIZE]) series:
      1. Graphic Representation of U-boat Activity
      2. Master List of U-boats
      3. Captured Documents
      4. North Atlantic Convoys and U-boat groups
      5. U-boat Group Operations Against U.S. and British Convoys Bound For or From North Africa
      6. Miscellaneous Operations
      7. U-boat Operations Summary
      8. England-Gibraltar Convoys and U-boat Groups
      9. U-boat Deployment Summary: January 1943 - May 1944
      10. Blocked Running Ships Between Europe and the Far East
      11. Blockade Running U-boat Operations
      12. Confirmed Cases of Allied Cipher Compromise in 1942
      13. Cases of Presumed and Confirmed Compromise 1943-1945
      14. Accuracy Studies of High Frequency Direction Finder Fixes
      15. German Weather Reporting Activities
      16. U-boats Sunk by U.S. Forces with Aid of Radio Intelligence
      17. Vichy French Navy 229
      18. The J[SIZE=-1]OLLIE[/SIZE] Operation
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