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our AT gun and our Kubelwagen

Discussion in 'World War 2 Hobbies' started by aquist, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    Doug Green. Bismarck Arkansas makes cannons. he demonstrated his 105mm howitzer and a 37 mm German AT gun to our 12ith inf div members. i went and looked at a thing a VW derelect vehicle, it had no floor! there is a bundle of work to even make this beast run much less make it look like a Kubelwagen . all of this is dependent on me finding a Job or funding from some friendly ww2 veteran who just happens to be a millionaire and doesn't want the US Government to receive all of his money. winning the lottery or searching the sofa for loose change or selling a kidney arent really options. to get a turn key Kooble Kar would be between 16 and 17 G, the AT gun would be 3800 dollars. all of this sounds beyond reach but not necessarily. Niemand weisst was Morgen bringt. no one knows what tomorrow will bring. several new members have joined us. This is all very encouraging. our next event is next week-end in Bristow Oklahoma. this is a barracks event. so it should be fun.

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