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Royal Dragon Guards 20th June 1944

Discussion in 'Normandy Landing Beaches' started by Jim, Feb 11, 2012.

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    A tank of C Squadron 4/7th Royal Dragon Guards at La Foiliot Farm, 20th June 1944 by Edward Raymond Payne

    The scene depicts a typical squadron leaguer in daylight. The burnt-out buildings of a farm stand in the background, with the tall farmhouse in the centre. Tanks are parked on the field in front, with men sitting around on the ground outside amongst the vehicles. The tanks are Shermans. The crews are maintaining their tanks, cleaning guns, re-ammunitioning, and brewing up. Another tank moves down a slope in the foreground, watched by a group of men standing and sitting on the grass. In the foreground is a petrol cooker, and what looks like on army issue thermos flask.


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