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Rudolf Wuester

Discussion in 'A Soldier's Story' started by Jim, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Rudolf Wuester was a gunner in a Tiger with the Heavy SS-Panzer Battalion 102, in action from 10 to 30 July on Height 112 near Caen. He recalls taking a mysterious 'Englishman' prisoner south of this point.

    "Through a gap in the forest I saw an English soldier limping, and we wanted to take him in as a prisoner of war.

    We fired a warning salvo to bring him to a halt and waved him towards us. He climbed on to our tank and we carried him back with us. I had a reasonable command of English, as between April and August 1939 I had spent some time in Torquay in Devon, and I attempted to start up a conversation with him. He would not answer and remained silent. Quite a while after this I heard an answer in English, but it was not exactly good English. After I'd repeated several questions he suddenly replied to me in a broken German, and explained to me that he was not English, he was in fact a German from Dirschau in Poland. I immediately brought the tank to a halt and turned off the engine. I made it clear to him that I knew that he was a member of the Polish army under General Anders, and that I was officially acknowledging him as a combatant. I told him that should he fall into other hands again he should on no account say that he was German, because he would be shot dead on the spot.

    In spite of his wound I let him jump down from the tank and told him to sit down in the roadside ditch and wait for his own men, who were not far away to pick him up, Perhaps he's still alive and can confirm this.”
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    I don't quite follow the story- So a German caught a german???

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