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Silk Parachutes

Discussion in 'The War In Normandy' started by Cabel1960, May 5, 2012.

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    On the eve of the D-day landings the OSS and SOE stepped up their infiltration of agents into occupied Europe. Many of these men and women had interesting, often exciting experiences. But few must have been as unusual as that of a French agent parachuted into Brittany shortly before the invasion in order to help the Resistance. The fellow came down at night, in a field. Quickly getting out of his parachute, he began to dig a hole in which to bury it. As he did so, he saw a figure approaching and gave the indicated call sign, whipping out his commando knife at the same time. Receiving the correct countersign, he resumed burying his parachute. Suddenly a rather attractive woman knelt by his side and began digging up the parachute. “What are you doing? Orders are to bury parachutes!” Without looking up, the young woman replied, “Who cares, I haven’t seen silk this good since before the war.”

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