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Sister Marie-Agnes Valois

Discussion in 'WWII Era Obituaries (non-military service)' started by GRW, Apr 21, 2018.

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    A French Augustian nun who became known as 'the Angel of Dieppe' for saving the lives of numerous British and Canadian troops following the disastrous Dieppe Raid during World War II has died at the age of 103.
    On one occasion Sister Marie-Agnès Valois stood between a Nazi officer brandishing a pistol and a Canadian soldier and told the German if he shot the young man the bullet 'would have to go through me'.
    Another time she was asked by a wounded man to kiss him the same way his mother would have done. She granted his request just before he died.
    Sister Agnès in 2010 recalled burying the severed arm of a soldier in a garden because he had asked her to take care of it.
    On the 19th August 1942, 6,000 allied soldiers launched a raid on Nazi occupied Dieppe, a port on the French Channel coast opposite the south of England.
    The attack occurred two years before D Day and was adjudged premature and a military disaster by historians.
    The invaders were mowed down by German machine gunners in concrete 'murder holes' and war photographs depicted the Dieppe beach strewn with corpses.
    Just over half of the soldiers were captured or killed and the large majority were Canadian.
    Later Sister Agnès was to declare of the infamous raid, 'It wasn't war. It was a massacre'.
    She was born in 1914 in Rouen and became an Augustinian nun in her hometown .
    Together with 10 other nurses she was to treat and care for soldiers wounded during the Dieppe raid on the beach.
    He loving care earned her the title 'the Angel of Dieppe'."
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    Ah, if only she were an illegal immigrant transgender Muslim activist, that fellow in Ottawa would remember her services to Canada with some sort of award.


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