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Street Fighting WWII

Discussion in 'War on the Eastern Front' started by Jim, Sep 3, 2010.

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    A typical scene of street fighting during WWII. This drawing, illustrates some of the tactics and weapons employed in street fighting of this type.

    The Germans are here depicted in possession of a block of buildings, from which they can direct withering fire along several important roads: This house, typical of Russian domestic architecture, is heavily fortified, being defended by an anti-tank gun (A) and anti-tank rifle (B) on the .ground floor, a heavy machine-gun (C) on the first floor and numerous riflemen stationed at the windows.


    A frontal attack being virtually impossible; the Russians have worked their way round side streets, clearing houses and overcoming resistance as they go. Protected by covering machine-gun fire from (D) and from windows behind this machine-gun, the attackers have reached the roof at (E), and are breaking in. All windows on that side of the Nazi stronghold are under fire; e.g. the German soldier (F) is driven back from his window. It must be imagined that a similar attack has been launched on the opposite flank not only from the roof (G) but also at street level (H). The party carrying out this latter move are seen crouched under cover, their objective being the heavy door (J) leading to the rear of the German anti-tank gun and antitank rifle positions which are holding up the main Russian advance. One man (K) has darted forward and flung a grenade at the heavy door, taking cover himself immediately. Another (L) of the party prepares to throw should it be necessary.

    Party (G) have made the, best progress of all and are seen in the act of attacking the defenders from the rear. They have “mouse holed” their way along the eaves and attics of adjoining houses and are now seen entering the strong point by the roof. German snipers (M) are held up by a Russian (N) with a sub machine-gun whilst another (O) prepares to demoralise defenders below by firing a shattering volley through the floor. Meanwhile, others of the same patrol have torn a hole in the roof; one man (P) is seen dropping through to assist his comrades (Q) who are breaking down the door preparatory to hurling a grenade into the machine gun nest established in the room within.

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