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*T* - Crusader - RAAC Museum, Puckapunyal, Victoria, AU

Discussion in 'Preserved Military Vehicle Registry Project' started by Gryle, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Vehicle type
    Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI Crusader I (A15)

    Current location
    Royal Australian Armoured Crops Tank Museum, Puckapunyal, Victoria, Australia.

    Externally cosmetically restored and painted with the shipping marks present when it was sent to Australia. Largely complete but missing some of it's track guards and is fitted with a 37mm gun. Stored under cover it seems to be in running condition. (Note I have seen more recent photos with the turret hatch and 37mm removed, possibly a 2 pounder has been fitted)

    Sent to Australia in 1941 as an example of a modern cruiser tank to assist with the design of the Australian Cruiser tank. It's main armament was removed for use in one of the AC prototypes.

    <RAAC Tank Museum site>
    3 external photos.
    <Crusader Downunder>
    5 external shots.

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