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The deadly Pepishaw

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe' started by JeffinMNUSA, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Todd shooting PPSH-41 submachine gun with 72 round drum - YouTube
    PPSH debates; http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=56077&view=previous http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=16990&start=15
    PPSH in the movies; http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/PPSh-41_/_PPS-43
    http://images.t-nation.com/forum_images/c/9/c965e-cross_of_iron.jpg http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:Downfall_PPsh41fielda.jpg http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:DefiancePpsh1.jpg
    A hands on view of the PPSH; http://www.outdoorhub.com/stories/ppsh-41-machinegun-hands-on/

    And for what it's worth, here is how the wargamers rate the PPSH;
    [h=3]Call of Duty: World at War Tips - Weapons[/h]The choice in weapons really comes down to personal taste and what feels right to you, but there are a few standout weapons that deserve a special mention. This doesn't mean they are the best weapons in the game, only that they are noteworthy.
    MP40 submachine gun. Largely considered one of the best weapons in the game, the MP40 packs enough of a punch that it is almost like putting stopping power on the weapon without the use of the perk. A great all-around weapon, it's also available at level 10, making it one of the best guns to level up with. (Add on Juggernaut and you'll be quite capable of taking foes down even if you are a beginner.)
    PPSh-41 submachine gun. While the MP40 feels like it already has the stopping power perk on it, the PPSh-41 feels like it comes with double tap. Add the stopping power perk and run with the round drum attached and you have a great spray-and-pray weapon that can really clean up on maps like the Dome and has a magazine capacity that allows you to take out several enemies before needing a reload. I like to add Bandolier as well to make sure I don't run out of ammunition anytime soon.
    DP-28 machine gun. Similar to the MP40, the DP-28 packs quick a punch and is the most damaging of the machine guns. If you want the added range of a machine gun but like the power of the MP40, the DP-28 is your best choice. While its draw back is accuracy, it's actually pretty easy to aim, so you won't have any problem taking people out.
    M1 Garand rifle. Available at level 17, the M1 Garand not only has the normal rifle features, but also allows you to put a sniper scope on it once you've completed the last challenge. Once you add stopping power to it, the M1 Garand becomes a pretty decent sniper rifle with a good rate of fire and low recoil. While it won't beat a bolt-action rifle for sniping, it's a great gun to use while learning to be a sniper.
    Again, don't feel as if you have to be using one of these weapons. The important thing is to pick a weapon that feels right to you, that you can aim quickly with, and that fits your play style and tactics. Ultimately, the best weapon is the one that allows you to rack up the most kills.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Call of Duty: World at War Tips - National Games | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/games-in-national/call-of-duty-world-at-war-tips#ixzz1ZdVg0HuY


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