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The Quaker With The Croix de Guerre

Discussion in 'WWII Today' started by GRW, Jul 5, 2020.

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    "A variety of remarkable documents belonging to a British conscientious objector who was honoured by the French during the Second World War has been discovered.
    The diary, documents and photos of William 'Bill' Spray, who refused to fight in World War Two due to being a Quaker, have been brought to light after being held for decades by a private collector.
    Instead of going into battle as a solider, Mr Spray was stationed with the Friends Ambulance Unit in 1943, and aided troops in the French 2nd Armoured Division based in Algeria.
    He was awarded the Croix De Guerre, the highest and most prestigious French military honour, for bravery in rescuing injured soliders under heavy German fire.
    The sale of the archive, arranged by by C&T Auctions will take place on July 8 and the collection is expected to cost around £600.
    C & T Auctions specialist Tim Harper said: 'This is a probably unique collection belonging to a conscientious objector who served with the Friends Ambulance Unit as the leader of a group of ambulances.
    'No one could ever question his bravery as on numerous occasions he rescued wounded men under fire.
    'It is a remarkable story and an archive of considerable historic interest.':

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