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TOBRUK (another book!)

Discussion in 'ETO, MTO and the Eastern Front' started by Ali Morshead, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Ali Morshead

    Ali Morshead Member

    Feb 12, 2004
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    Just finished TOBRUK by Peter Fitzsimons.

    A 500+ page tome about the capture and defence of Tobruk concentrating on the Siege were the "Fortress" was defended by 9th Aust Div, 18 Aust Bde, 32 Army Tank Bde, 1st Polish Carpathian Bde and a number of British Artillery, Anti Tank, Machine Gun & AA Units.

    It isnt a technical history, it combines a number of threads using either oral histories or Diaries and letters to provide a closer, more personal look at the siege.

    It often uses "Strine"(Australian) slang as used by the men involved, while it adds to the feel in places, I was getting sick of it, overseas readers may see this as extra "feeling" to the book.

    I noticed numerous small errors, or exagerations, that could annoy the purist.

    Its a good book, if you need to read one about Tobruk, for the serious historian i'd wait a bit and try and get Chester Wilmot's fantastic effort.

  2. andraz

    andraz recruit

    May 10, 2008
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    Are there perhaps any pictures in the bool of italian troops being captured, or of italian prisoners after the english troops captured them?

    Maby anyone can help me? Where can I find pictures of italian troops, before and after the english army defeated italians at Tobruk in 1941?

    Thank you!

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