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Vistula-Oder Offensive granular detail required…

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe' started by JamesEdward, Jul 16, 2023.

  1. JamesEdward

    JamesEdward New Member

    Jul 15, 2023
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    I’m currently researching the Vistula-Oder offensive and would like detailed information about:-

    · The weather from the 12th January 1945 onwards.
    · To identify a Russian unit that fought in Stalingrad, Vistula-Oder offensive and Berlin, preferably all the way to the Fuhrerbunker.
    · Day-to-day blow of unit movements and battles fought.

    I don’t expect to be spoon fed, just asking for some source materials that might guide me to the answers, half the fun is in doing the research.

    I have been using Ospreys Battle of Berlin 1945 End of a Thousand Year Reich which detailed the two offensive but doesn’t go into granular details about unit progression and provides only a very high level overview.

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