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War at Sea: South African Maritime Operations During World War II by C.J. Harris

Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by ColHessler, May 20, 2017.

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    Title: War at Sea: South African Maritime Operations During World War II
    Author: C.J. Harris
    Length: 356 pages including index.

    The author was himself in South African Navy during the war, and among other things, writes about his experience in convoy duty, as well as time he spent in New York. But most of his book is about individual stories of South African officers and men, who for the most part, saw more action attached to the Royal Navy and Marines. He gives us their stories more than the "big picture." We do find out about the SA Navy's beginnings, and about these men and their adventures, from Murmansk convoys, to Burma and Normandy. We also read about how many British ships, from torpedo boats to carriers had anywhere from a few men, to much of their company being South Africans.

    He also gives us first-hand accounts from men whose ships were lost, due to U-boats, mines, and Japanese air attacks. That's kind of depressing for me. I know it's part of war, but it seemed like he included more of them than I go for.

    This is, however, a great addition to your library in telling of the war against the Axis at sea from the South African point of view.

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