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What if Italy had been a capable air/naval power?

Discussion in 'What If - Mediterranean & North Africa' started by Skontos1, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    Two weaknesses I noticed with axis efforts were one, lack of coordination between the axis and two Italy plain and simply could not prove it self as a true military force capable of attacking and taking territories like their axis counterparts. Suppose that Italy was that unifying force which could allow for troop movement, shipping weaponry and supplies between the 3 powers what would that have ment for allied efforts? I think greater coordination could have allowed for more aggressive and effective assaults on areas such as China, India Britain and Australia. Think of the Italians providing sort of the Axis version of the marines in that the could attack effectively fom sea to land and provide air and sea support to their German allies. I think had this had been the case a full ground assault on Britain would have been much more feasible. Furthermore dealing with the Italian control of the sea would have been priority one before landing on a German controlled France. Breaking the supply lines through the Indian Ocean would have also been important in taking away the coordination between the Axis powers.

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