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where's the warplane hiding??? Bomb and prop found nr Mt Maculot

Discussion in 'Air War in the Pacific' started by nick goth, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. nick goth

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    Mar 20, 2020
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    Another wreck i wanna know about. A big bomb was found i guess 500 or 1000 pounder. And a plane propeller. The bomb was asleep, unexploded. Very carefully 15 men moved the bomb. It was given to the correct people for disposal. I assume so to was the prop. Both were found by work men near a sari sari store i got supplies at before hiking over Mt Maculot. Notice the word over. No back to the start.

    I asked the guide where the plane wreck was. He told me by the sari sari store! We must go back! I lost my phone too but that didn't matter. I wanted to see the site. And find the pane! Where is it hiding? Hope not the junk shop. Seriously. What kind of plane? And pilot name and fate? Japanese airfields and targets were round the area. Mt maculot will be riddled with unexploded ammo and tunnels and war things. The guide said there were tunnels but closed off and provately owned to stop quarrymen entering. Other side of the mountain. Info needed on the plane thanx.

    Also there was a huge Japanese howitzer type gun in a cave facing Batangas bay area. It was on rails. Taken into the cave for loading, moved forward to fire. And so on. It's all overgrown now and you're not allowed off the paths and monitored by the guides. I read about the gun in a book about US soldier escaping to Australia by boat after evading the Japanese troops at Bataan. The book is a good read. Got a photo of the book if you need the name. Any info on the gun? It fired a shell as big as a small dog. 300mm...

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