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  1. nowi
    It looks like its G√ľnther Stein
  2. Tommy Wilkens
    NAVY WINGS OF GOLD: Memories From A Decorated World War II Naval Aviator From The Battle Of Iwo Jima And The Battle Of Okinawa: Wilkens, Tommy, Wilkens, Hilde: 9781732739468: Amazon.com: Books
  3. Lisa Stade
    Hitler's look's like the way I did on my first at college.i know this is a documentary series once held on the History Channel. does anyone know where I can watch that whole Tv series online at?
  4. Lisa Stade
    i like it and I have seen this figure plus other Hitler figures by this company
  5. Lisa Stade
    I like it. I have also seen this figure in google images. Pretty neat that places sell stuff like this. i still plan to buy one (or several different ones).

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