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141 Royal Armoured Corps (The Buffs) Churchill Crocodiles

Discussion in 'Western Europe 1943 - 1945' started by grahame555, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Sep 5, 2014
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    I'm afraid there's not a huge amount more I can help you with except to add the following which has come mainly from the War Diaries and Old Comrades' newsletters:

    He held the rank of W/Cpl (War Substantive - so held during hostilities) and was with the regiment to the end when it disbanded in November 1945, your father was transferred to the 23rd Hussars, it's possible he was demobbed from them. As you say he was the Sqn wireless NCO which is confirmed in his commendation. He was also on the nominal roll as of 22 April 1944, this was compiled prior to D-Day so that a Trust could help out dependants. He served in C Sqn in the HQ Troop so would have been in a gun tank rather than a Crocodile.

    If you haven't requested your father's service records, that would certainly be worth doing, the info and docs can be found here - Get a copy of military service records - although obviously at the moment it looks like they are effectively shut down with no access to the records, hopefully that will be easing in line with other things.
    Again depending on when they re-open but The Tank Museum may be able to help with a copy of your father's Tracer card, this shows which regiments with dates, if they have the card.
    Sorry couldn't help any more, good luck with the forms.
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    May 10, 2020
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    Thank you John, that is very helpful. I will certainly request Dad's service records and see if his Tracer card exists. I was convinced he was in a Crocodile but maybe I'm wrong.
    Yes, it was upsetting for the men to be transferred out of 141 Regiment at the end .
    As children we were told quite a lot about s'Hertogenbosch, and the gratitude of the people of the city, though not about the battle. My parents were in touch with the family with whom my father was billeted for quite some time. Strange that the men from 141 Regiment are never mentioned only the Welsh regiment and those from Lancs.

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