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B24-J Liberator Bomber "Milady" | DJI Mavic Air | Wagait Beach, NORTHERN TERRITORY Australia

Discussion in 'Living History' started by NT_Australia, Nov 16, 2021.

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    The crash site of the B24-J Consolidated Liberator, named "Milady". The wreckage still remains in place today, twisted & burnt. This memorial to the 6 brave US airmen who perished on the 17th Jan 1945 on their return from a practice bombing mission during WW 2.
    2nd Lt Bobby T Neal (O823712),
    2nd Lt Walter E Scanlon Jr (O711027),
    2nd Lt William G Ward Jr (O2064690),
    2nd Lt Richard W Walsh (O777385),
    Sgt Francisco Caballero (38553915) a
    nd Sgt Gerald D Sacre (17122357).
    The remoteness of where "Milady" crashed. The four-engine B-24 bomber with a crew of six on board, captained by Lieutenant Bobby Neal, left the Darwin RAAF base for a training bombing mission at Quail Island, a regular training target south-west of Darwin. It was Lt. Neal’s first mission in this aircraft as pilot-in-command and the nature of the flight meant there were only six on board instead of the usual nine. There are conflicting reports but most indicate the aircraft completed its mission and was returning to Darwin when it crashed south of Two-Fella Creek, killing all on board.
    At least one reputable account talks of a fire on board before the crash, although there are no reports of a distress call, or the bomber having been sighted on fire by the many military personnel based on the Cox Peninsula before it crashed.
    The Consolidated B-24 Liberator is an American heavy bomber. The B-24 bomber was relatively difficult to fly and had poor low-speed performance
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