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BGen Floyd H Trogdon, USAAF

Discussion in 'WWII Obituaries' started by mcoffee, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Brigadier General (RET) Floyd H. Trogdon passed away September 9 at the age of 95. He had long served at the President of the 449th Bomb Group Association.

    Floyd Trogdon was assigned to the 449th Bomb Group, 719th Squadron on 14 April 1944 with the replacement crew headed by Capt. Charles Harton. Trogdon was a 19 year old 2nd Lt. and Navigator of the crew.

    Trogdon flew his fifty mission credits between 20 April and 7 October, 1944. Included were 5 trips to Ploesti. He was soon named a lead navigator and was promoted to Captain during his tour. On the July 4 mission to Pitesti, Romania, he was flying in the nose turret of the lead ship as pilotage navigator and was credited with the destruction of a Bf-109. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for the 15 July mission to the Concordia Vega refinery at Ploesti.

    Gen. Trogdon was small of stature, but was a man of large character. I am privileged to have known him.

    Air Force Bio:
    BRIGADIER GENERAL FLOYD H. TROGDON > U.S. Air Force > Biography Display

    CrewDebrief-Mid1944-HartonsCrew resize.jpg

    Harton Crew debrief, mid '44. Trogdon 3rd from left.

    Trogdon resize.jpg
    449th Bomb Group Association reunion, Charleston, 2015
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