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Could Germany Have Started the War Without Soviet Support

Discussion in 'Prelude to War & Poland 1939' started by Domobran7, Nov 17, 2022.

  1. Domobran7

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    Apr 16, 2022
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    I am reading through "Poland Betrayed" by David Williamson, and I was struck by how much support Soviet Union gave Germany in the period of 1922.-1939. (which would continue until German invasion of USSR in 1941.). I wrote short overview here, but to sum it up even further: Treaty of Rapallo in 1922. formally established Soviet-German cooperation, and allowed Germany to avoid restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. Soviet Union helped Germany train its army and air force, and also provided assistance in development of military theory and theory of maneuver warfare. After Hitler came to power in 1933., German aviation personnel were trained at Lipsk in the USSR, and close cooperation with USSR as well as civilian entities such as Lufthansa allowed Germany to keep up with the latest technological developments. This in turn allowed Luftwaffe to be established in 1933.

    Overall, it seems to me that if it weren't for the USSR, Germany would have never been able to go to war.

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    May 10, 2004
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    It's always one of those discussions - why on earth did the USSR contribute so heavily to an overtly hostile Germany?
    Now obviously in 1922 it wasn't hostile, but from '33 onwards it was pretty clear that Germany was eyeing the East. Yet trainloads of raw materials, fuel etc were heading into Germany right up until Barbarossa. I suppose from the Soviet side, the trade was 2-way (although the Germans were slow with their deliveries), they got equipment and machinery from Germany. Plus having political and economic agreements in place would have (theoretically!) helped to extend the period of peace between the two nations.

    But to answer your actual question...

    From what I've read the Germans wouldn't have had the fuel to go to war without Soviet imports, let alone the other resources or all the developmental work carried out in Russian territory.
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