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Execution of American Soldiers, St. Benedetto Churchyard, near Monte Buono, Italy

Discussion in 'Italy, Sicily & Greece' started by kerrd5, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Thanks for reminding the ordeal of these 8 men . 70 years later they are not forgotten :poppy:
  2. Zed Zawada

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    Mar 15, 2019
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    You all may wish to know that a 75th anniversary ceremony, remembering this tragic event, is planned for the 13th April 2019.
    It is supported by the people of Montebuono and the local expat community of all nations.
    I found this forum whilst researching this tragedy, which happened a few miles from our house and thank those who have contributed,

    Here is some information:
    75th Anniversary , 13 April 1944 – 13 April 2019

    Commemoration of 8 US army soldiers

    A commemoration ceremony is being planned to mark the 75th anniversary of the killing of 8 US servicemen near the church of San Benedetto, Montebuono, Rieti Province, Italy, to take place in Montebuono on Saturday 13 April 2019. The ceremony will be lead by local priests and by local and international dignitaries. The brass band of the Sabina region will lead the music.

    The mayor of Montebuono has given his support to this ceremony and planning is well under way. The US Embassy, Rome has confirmed participation and we also anticipate the involvement of senior representatives from the Italian armed forces and from NATO.

    As part of the commemoration, two new plaques will be unveiled. Copy of the plaques are attached.

    The reason for this appeal is to ask for funds in order to finance the cost of the plaques. Would you kindly circulate this appeal to your circle of friends.

    Click here to support LEST WE FORGET organized by Mike Shanklin &John Murray

    Those people who would like to join the ceremony should meet in Montebuono (Roby Bar) at approximately 10 am on Saturday 13 April 2019. Please let Pauline /Philip/John Murray know if you intend to be there in order that transport for you to San Benedetto church, atop a nearby hill, may be organised. The ceremony itself will start at noon.

    In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will take place indoors in the commune hall, Montebuono.

    All those attending the ceremony are invited to a picnic immediately afterwards.

    Thank you.
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