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Focke Wulf 190 "Butcher Bird"

Discussion in 'Aircraft' started by -, Aug 27, 2007.

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    It's the winter of 1940. You are a member of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), and your country just stopped a massive German assault in the most decisive air battle in history, the Battle of Britain. It's now the summer of 1941, and Germany's offensive in now directed far away towards Russia on the Eastern Front.

    Troubling reports begin circulating that the Germans are about to introduce a new super fighter and station it just across the English Channel where British fighters are now patrolling with confidence. One report indicates the new fighter to have a top speed of 390mph, which if is true, would make it 20mph faster than the Spitfire.

    The RAF's worst fears began to unfold when the first batch of Focke Wulf 190's began leaving the factory at Marienburg to the 6th Staffel at Jagdgeshwader 26 in Belgium.

    RAF pilot's began to encounter this new fighter and described it as being fast and maneuvered unlike anything they've ever seen before. The first contacts misreported it as being a German captured P36 with a radial engine, but top RAF officials knew this was nothing they produced; it was the mysterious new super fighter they have been hearing so much about. What they didn't know was just how much of a shock the FW190 had in store for them.

    Encounters over the coming months proved that this new German fighter could not only penetrate British airspace at will, but could cut their fighters down with a brutal efficiency. This reputation gave the Focke-Wulf the title, Butcher Bird

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