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Forgotten German vets of Indochine

Discussion in 'Non-World War 2 History' started by Che_Guevara, May 15, 2007.

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    the french army in indo-china were volunteers, often foreigners, not draftees,
    the support at home was slight , the anti communist angle didn't cut no ice , the french government included communist ministers , everybody knew ho chi min was a nationalist first and the war prossecuted for the benefit of the michelin rubber concern and the bank of indochina bottom line profit
    there was no hard feelings

    the french army in algeria was composed of draftees ,
    the support at home was firm at first , until it tore the country in two , leading to the collapse of the republic under military revolt ,a large number of refugiees flooded back to france embittered at being " betrayed "
    read the day of the jackal , a fine start up on the situation

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