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German Paratrooper Helmet

Discussion in 'German WWII Uniforms and Equipment' started by Jim, Apr 9, 2012.

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    The Luftwaffe established the first German parachute unit on 29 January 1936 with orders from Hermann Goring, Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, that volunteers from Regiment "General Goring" were to be assembled into a parachute battalion based at Stendal near Berlin. The German Army followed on 1 April 1937 with the formation of a parachute infantry company which was to be trained at the Luftwaffe parachute training school at Stendal.

    Paratrooper Helmet 1st Model.


    The newly created Luftwaffe was charged with the task of research and development of special parachute equipment and uniforms. The first jump smocks, parachutes and boots were styled on civilian models then in use, and were modified to military specifications. Since no steel helmets suitable for jumping existed at this time, an entirely new model had to be developed for use by Germany's newest combat arm. It was believed that the first model helmet was merely a cut-down, modified version of the M1935 prototype. Upon examining surviving examples, however, it is clear that the first model helmets were not modified pieces but were actually manufactured in that configuration.

    Paratrooper Helmet 1st Model with unique chin strap arrangement.


    The first model was issued sometime in 1936 and was finished in smooth, field grey paint with the 1st model Luftwaffe eagle decal (left side) and the black/white/red national colors decal (right side). When the Army formed its own parachute infantry company in 1937, the helmet was issued with the Army eagle decal plus the national colors.

    Paratrooper Helmet 2nd Model with Army Decals and spanner bolts.


    The new 2nd model helmet was finished in a smooth field grey paint and exists with both styles of Luftwaffe eagle decal (early and late), the Army decal and the national colors decal. The Army parachute infantry company was enlarged to battalion strength on 1 June 1938 and many of the new Army paratroopers were equipped with the 2nd model helmet with Luftwaffe decals.

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