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German Unit names

Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by Panzerknacker, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Panzerknacker

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    Jul 22, 2001
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    I know that everyone on here is very knowledgable, however I have chosen to put this thread here as an easy reference source, and for new comers. Alsio handy for those of us who get a little overwhelmed rememebring the names of all German units.


    Names of The German Waffen SS Divisions:-

    1st SS Panzer Division. ( Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Division)

    2nd SS Panzer Division ( Das Reich Division )

    3ed SS Panzer Division ( Totenkoph Division )

    4th SS Panzer Grenadier Division ( SS - Polizei )

    5th SS Panzer Division ( Wiking Division )

    6th SS Gebirgs Division (Nord Division )

    7th SS Freiwilligen - Gebirgs Division (Prinz Eugen Division)

    8th SS Kavallerie Division ( Florin Geyer Division )

    9th SS Panzer Division ( The Hohenstaufen Division )

    10th SS Panzer Division (Frundsberg Division )

    11th SS Freiwilligen - Panzergrenadier Division ( Nordland Division )

    12th SS Panzer Division ( Hitlerjugend )

    13th Waffen - Gebirgs Division SS ( Handschar Division )

    14th Waffen Grenadier Division SS ( Ukrainische NR 1 ) (1st Ukranian)

    15th Waffen - Grenadier Division SS ( Lettische Nr 1 Division )

    16th SS Panzer grenadier Division SS (Reichsfuhrer Division )

    17th SS panzer Grenadier Division ( Gotz von Berlichingen )

    18th SS Freiwilligen - Panzer Grenadier Division ( Horst Wessel Division )

    19th Waffen Grenadier SS Division ( Lettiches 2nd Division)

    20th Waffen Grenadier SS Division (Estniche 1st Division)

    21st Waffen Gebirgs SS Division ( Albanische 1st Division )

    22nd Freiwilligen - Kavallerie SS Division ( Maria Theresia Division )

    23rd Waffen - Gebirgs SS Division ( Kama Division )

    24th SS Gibirgs Division (Karstjager Division )

    25th Waffen Grenadier SS Division ( Hunyadi ungarische 1st Division )

    26th Waffen grenadier SS Division (Hungaria ungarische 2nd Division )

    27th SS Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division ( Langemark Flamische 1st Division )

    28th SS Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division ( Wallonien Division )

    29th Waffen grenadier SS Division (Russische Division )

    ALSO a second 29th Division of the Waffen SS (Italian Division )

    30th Waffen Grenadier SS Division ( Weissruthenische Division )

    31st SS Freiwilligen Grenadier Division

    32nd SS Freiwilligen Grenadier Division

    33rd Waffen Kavallerie SS Division

    33rd Waffen Grenadier SS Division ( Charlemagne Division )

    34th Waffen grenadier SS Division ( Landstorm Nederland Division )

    35th SS Polizei Grenadier Division

    36th Waffen Grenadier SS Division

    37th SS Freiwilligen Kavallerie Division (Lutzow Division )

    38th SS Grenadier Division ( Nibelungen )
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    Jul 22, 2007
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    Many thanks for remind this names, Panzerknacker!

    From your antipodes,


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