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Hammerheadd Wargames Show 2020 - 14th March

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by SallyKallistra, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Hammerhead 2020 - two great spaces the ‘Gamers Lounge’ as well as the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall!

    Hammerhead 2020 will be taking place on Saturday 14th March at the Newark Showground, Newark, from 10am until 4.30pm.

    Entry is £5.00 GBP per adult, £3.00 GBP for minors (16 and under), Children under 9 free. Tickets are now available on-line which entitles you to a free Hammerhead miniature on entry.


    The Wargames Illustrated painting competition has lots of categories and great prizes (check website for more information) - free entry to the competition, just bring along your models!

    George Stephenson Exhibition Hall and the Cedric Ford Pavilion - the ‘Gamers Lounge’ offer a welcoming environment with plenty of natural light in which you can play games, shop for wargame goods from the very best UK traders and manufacturers. Up to 70 fantastic visitor participation games – Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi, located in the central areas are the focus of the show. There are two separate catering facilities which will be serving a variety of reasonably priced hot and cold food throughout the day and a fully licensed bar located in the Gamers Lounge.

    All games at Hammerhead are visitor participation, which means that you are very welcome 'to have a go' at a wide variety of different historical and fantasy based games run by intrepid gaming clubs, historical societies, wargame companies and enthusiastic groups of gamers. You will be able to play a full game or simply move a few miniatures, roll some dice, have a chat with the people running the game and then move onto the next. The show provides a great opportunity to try out new or familiar game systems and spend a day indulging yourself and friends in this absorbing and fascinating hobby. Whether you're interested in The Great War, WWII, Medieval, AWI, Fantasy or Science Fiction, we are sure that you will find a selection of games you would like to play.

    Would you like to run a participation game at Hammerhead 2020? You get FREE entry and a FREE Hammerhead miniature for everyone helping to run a participation game. Plus, your game is entered into the game presenters prize draw with £75 worth of vouchers. Visit the Hammerhead website for information. Hammerhead Open Gaming Show - Exhibiting Games

    There is an excellent selection of top traders and manufacturers selling a wide variety of wargaming wares, miniatures, terrain and scenery, books and gaming accessories.

    Hammerhead show will be hosting a Tabletop Sale in place of the usual bring and buy stand. With no commission, you keep all the profits.

    The Hammerhead 2020 miniature is Julius Caesar. The other 7 Hammerhead figures will also be available on the day of the show for the token price of £1.00 GBP each, or ONE FREE figure, if you purchase your Hammerhead Entry ticket online prior to the show. See website for details.

    Parking is plentiful and FREE directly outside both buildings. Newark Showground is only a few minutes from the A1 at Newark Junction.


    For full details of all the traders and games plus tabletop sales and entry ticket sales, visit the Hammerhead Show website, Hammerhead Open Gaming Show - General Information or check out the Facebook page

    Looking forward to seeing you there, for a great day out! :D

    Hammerhead 2020 is being run by Kallistra Ltd with assistance from the The Forest Outlaws Wargamers Club and GCN. Supported by Miniature Wargames, Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers, Strategy magazines and Battlegames.
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