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Jagdgeschwader 27 Fighter Wing Pilots Roster "S"

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by C.Evans, Mar 20, 2001.

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    Name Rank Group/kills Fate

    Oskar Saar Oblt III,IV/5 Lived.
    Otto Saffranowski Uffz I/1 MIA.
    Albert Salzer Uffz II/1 KIA.
    Erwin Sawallisch Ofeld II/Staff/71 KIA.
    Otto Sawallisch Fwebel I/2 MIA.
    Josef Sax Uffz I/2 MIA.
    Walter Saynisch Fwebel I,II/25 ???.
    Arthur Schacht Lt II/7 ???.
    Eberhard Schade Oblt II,I/31 MIA.
    Hans-Christian Schafer Oblt II/2 Unkn.
    Karl Schaffhauser Fwebel III/2 KIA.
    Georg Schanz Fwebel I/18 Unkn.
    ?? Scheibe Uffz III/8 Unkn.
    Johannse Scheit Ofeld III/4 Unkn.
    Wilhelm Scheiter Oblt III/4 POW.
    Wolfgang Schellmann Maj/Staff ?/27 MIA.
    Ulrich Scherer Lt I/1 KIA.
    Heinrich Schiemert Fleiger I/8 Lived.
    Walter Scheimak Uffz ?/2 KIA.
    Gerd Schindler Lt ?/30 Lived.
    Josef Schlang Oblt I/5 KIA.
    Heinz Schlechter Oblt II/6 Lived.
    Joachim Schlichting Hptm III/6 POW.
    Hans Schliedermann Lt III/19 KIA.
    Justin Schmalfuss Uffz IV/1 KIA.
    Walter Schmauder Ofeld III/2 Unkn.
    Karl Schmidt Lt II/1 Unkn.
    Heinz Schmidt Lt I/6 KIA.
    Franz Schmitt Uffz IV/1 MIA.
    Karl Schmitz Uffz II/4 Unkn.
    Wolfgang Schmitz Lt Staff/7 MIA.
    Bernd Schneider Lt II/23 MIA.
    Hugo Schneider Oblt I/9 KIA.
    ?? Schneider Lt III/1 Unkn.
    Erich Schofbeck Lt III/12 MIA.
    Harry Schopper Fwebel III/6 KIA.
    Herbert Schramm Oblt II/73 KIA.
    Werner Schreck Fwebel III/1 Lived.
    Erich Schreiber Hptm II/1 KIA.
    Franz Schreiner Uffz IV/8 MIA.
    Adolf Schreyer Lt I/1 POW.
    Armin Schroder Uffz II/1 MIA.
    Erich Schroder Fwebel I/1 POW.
    Werner Schroer Maj I,II,III/133 Lived.
    Karl Schuft Uffz I/2 MIA.
    Friedrich-Wilhelm Schulte Lt I/2 MIA.
    Clemens Schultenkemper Uffz IV/6 Lived.
    Ernst Schulz Fwebel III/1 KIA.
    Otto Schulz Oblt II/105 MIA.
    ?? Schulze Ofeld II/10 Unkn.
    Werner Schwarz Uffz II/1 KIA.
    ?? Schwekutsch Uffz II/2 Unkn.
    Gerhard Sdun Uffz III,IV/8 KIA.
    Eberhard-Rolf Seitz Oblt III/5 Lived.
    ?? Sepperl Uffz ?/1 Unkn.
    Heinrich Setz Hptm I/273 KIA.
    Hermann Sewerin Uffz I/1 KIA.
    Hans Seyringer Uffz II/6 Unkn.
    Friedrich Sieck Lt I,III/4 KIA.
    Gerhard Siegling Uffz III/2 MIA.
    Oskar Simon Oblt III/1 KIA.
    Karl Singer Fwebel III/1 KIA.
    Rudolf Sinner Maj I,II/76 Lived.

    Hans Sippel Uffz I/4 KIA.
    Wolf-Dietrich Sirc Lt III/3 POW.
    Maximilian Soenthgerath Uffz II/2 Unkn.
    Paul Sommer Hptm II,IV/3 ???.
    Gerhard Sonntag Fwebel IV/2 KIA.
    Dietrich Sponnagel Oblt III/1 MIA.
    Georg Stabnau Fwebel I/4 Lived.
    Franz Stadler Uffz III/1 Unkn.
    Gunther Stahlberg Uffz III/2 Unkn.
    Hans-Arnold Stahlschmidt Oblt I/118 MIA.
    Dagobert Stanglmaier Uffz II/1 MIA.
    Manfred Stechbarth Lt IV/2 Lived.
    Wilhelm Stegmann Ofeld III/1 POW.
    Gernot Stein Lt II/7 MIA.
    Gunther Steinhausen Lt I/81 MIA.
    Wilhelm Steinmann Hptm I/54 ???.
    Heinrich Steis Lt II/46 KIA.
    Hans Stenglein Fwebel II/9 Unkn.
    Willy Stephan Ofeld I/6 Lived.
    ?? Stephan Lt II/1 Unkn.
    Franz Stiegler Oblt II,III/61 Lived.
    Rudolf Stockler Uffz I/1 KIA.
    Rudi Strassner Uffz ?/1 Unkn.
    Gunter Striebel Uffz III/2 KIA.
    Helmut Strobl Lt II/2 MIA.
    Rolf Strossner Hptm II/1 KIA.
    Alfred Stuckler Lt III/21 Lived.
    Gustav Sturm Lt I/55 Lived.
    Hans-Joachim Sunderhauff Lt II/2 KIA.
    Gert Suwelack Oblt II,IV/6 Lived.

    T-Z next posting.
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    Nov 28, 2000
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    5th set.

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