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Jimmy Stewart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kerrd5, May 20, 2018.

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    Today, May 20, is the 110th anniversary of Jimmy Stewart's birth. My grandmother and Jimmy Stewart's mother, Elizabeth Jackson, were friends from childhood in Apollo, Pennsylvania, where both grow up. Indeed, my dad told me that a young Jimmy Stewart once chased him and my Uncle Wally around the hills of Apollo when they were boys.

    Jimmy Stewart had an impressive record in WW II, where he is credited with twenty combat missions in the ETO. A brave man who lived a wonderful life.

    Famous Veteran: Jimmy Stewart

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    Thanks for sharing this. He did have an amazing life.

    Although, I wanted to add that I have known two veterans who are friends of mine who had different opinions on the man.

    I can’t remember the details after all these years, or what type of contact they had with Stewart, but both surprisingly gave the impression that because of his great military service and acting career he really had a big head on his shoulders and really thought he was above everyone for it. Especially junior officers.

    Both vets never knew each other. One was a retired Captain, USMC, who served in both Korea and Vietnam, and the other was in the Air Force ,working on AC 130 gunships in Vietnam.

    Don’t know if other veterans had this view, but my friends sure did.

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