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List of German units surrendered in Tunisia

Discussion in 'North Africa: Operation Torch to Surrender of Tuni' started by merdiolu, May 16, 2013.

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    Can you help me to fill the list of German divisions and other units surrendered in Tunisia in May 1943 ? There might be mistakes so correction is appreciated.

    5th Panzer Army HQ

    10th Panzer Division
    334th Infantry Division
    999th Infantry Division
    Hermann Goring Panzer Division (bulk of it)
    Manteuffel Infantry Division
    One (unknown ad hoc ) infantry division - name required
    One Parachute Regiment
    501st Heavy Tank Battalion

    DAK (Deutsche Afrikakorps ) HQ

    15th Panzer Division
    21st Panzer Division
    90th Light Division
    164th Infantry Division
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