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Need help for more details

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by ChaseZachary, Feb 26, 2020.

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    Feb 26, 2020
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    All I know is that my grandfather fought on the Eastern Front (for Germany) and after the war besides a few photos he also brought home this newspaper from 1939. It's an invitation to a Christmas party. It was distributed at Christmas in the camp or at the front (that's what my grandfather told me but he didn't know anything more precise anymore). Unfortunately I do not know more. Does anyone know more about it? Possibly where exactly this was distributed? The "paper" did not print a name on it. Or was this a common invitation letter?
    §1) All participants must be present in person

    §2) Biting faces as well as bad mood are to be handed in at the cloakroom today (It is a saying in German, basically translates to not be in a bad mood at the party)

    §3) Everyone is obliged to stay until he leavesshareit appvn

    §4) Whoever feels insulted or stepped on the tie is cock of the walk here (again hopefully translated reasonably; i googled it and appearently its also a saying in english; it means to not feel insulted and not take things seriously at the party or you will be made fun of)

    §5) Anyone who mentions the words "Letnen" (I cannot decipher this word) or "Service" (as military service) today will be condemned to drink one more.

    §6) Nobody may fall under the table before 10 p.m. (sorry my translation is horrible but it means something like no one is allowed to be "weak" and collaps when drinking alcohol before 10 pm)

    §7) Whoever obeys these rules can be proposed for promotion (again jokingly)
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