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Panther tanks

Discussion in 'The Tanks of World War 2' started by Rosalind, Jun 13, 2007.

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    Apr 21, 2006
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    By coincidence, the Aussie museum put an update out on its Panther a few hours ago on Friendface:
    The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

    It is at ATS, and there're some good shots of the torsion bars.
    It is the Cadman one it seems. And since noticeably collapsed suspension was the real issue with that, it's nice to see that core job being worked on.
    Chatted to a bloke looking after it after some swine stole the muzzle brake at Beltring some years back. Seemed very knowledgeable on purchase and restoration costs; all I can say, again, is that the admirable Mr Lowden really does have very deep pockets... Hardly a surprise, but think just how much complex material and skill goes into those bars alone...

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