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Seeking midcentury firearms images

Discussion in 'Small Arms and Edged Weapons' started by Terry D, May 6, 2018.

  1. Terry D

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    Jan 27, 2015
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    Huerta, California
    I am not certain if this is the right subforum for this post, but here she goes. The mods are welcome to move it if they want to.

    I am doing some research on firearms used in the midcentury era (1939-1963). Some of these (not all) were used in World War II. I am looking for images of these guns in actual use and/or service, not just a sale, museum, manual, or catalog shot. I have found plenty of useful images online of such common weapons as the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Colt Detective Special, M3 SMG, Winchester 1897, etc. However, finding pictures of some other weapons in use has been much harder and some I can't find any of at all. These images need to be from the era itself (1939-63); shots from movies or TV shows of the time are OK. So, I am putting out a call for help to all the firearms nerds on this site. Below is a list of what I'm looking for.

    1. Remington M95 Derringer, .41
    2. Colt Banker's Special, .38
    3. Colt Pocket Positive, .32
    4. Colt Army Special, .41
    5. Smith & Wesson .38/44 Heavy Duty
    6. Smith & Wesson Safety Automatic Hammerless, .38 (2 inch barrel)
    7. Smith & Wesson Centennial, .38 Special
    8. Harrington & Richardson Defender, .38
    9. Spanish "Old Pattern" (Orbea, etc.), .455
    10. Beretta 418, .25
    11. Savage M1917, .380
    12. Colt Super .38, .38 Super (hard to tell apart from the M1911)
    13. Star Model A, 7.63mm (standard only, NOT the carbine type with the long barrel)
    14. Fritz Mann Taschenpistole, .380
    15. Stevens 311, 12 gauge (short barrel coach/riot only)
    16. Stevens 520, 12 gauge (trench/riot configuration only, straight top receiver)
    17. Savage 720, 12 gauge (short barrel riot configuration only)
    18. Winchester Model 1907, .351
    19. Remington Model 81, .35 (police type with oversize magazine)
    20. Winchester Model 1894, .30-30 (carbine length)
    21. SMLE Mk III, .303 (sniper version with Aldis scope, preferably on Holland & Holland mount)
    22. Colt Model R75A commercial BAR, .30-06

    Thanks gang, I will be grateful for anything.
  2. lwd

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Not sure if they are the right versions but aren't there pictures of Bonnie and Clyde as well as those who killed them handling BAR's?

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