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The Grey Wolves of Eriboll

Discussion in 'WWII Books & Publications' started by GRW, Apr 20, 2018.

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    "ITS full place in wartime history has been shrouded in mystery for more than 70 years. But now more details of the secret surrender of 33 U-boats in a Scottish loch which finally brought peace to the waters of the Atlantic have been revealed in a new book.
    Over 12 days in Loch Eriboll – a 10-mile long sea inlet in Sutherland – the biggest single surrender of the once-feared German U-boat fleet took place.
    The few locals around were sworn to secrecy, but new research into the surrender has listed the U-boats, revealing the pivotal role the area played in ending the Nazi naval threat.
    In fact, author David Hird, in his new and updated edition of The Grey Wolves of Eriboll, reveals the U-boats that ended up in the loch, sunk or damaged 59 merchant ships and 14 warships – comprising more than 300,000 tons of shipping.
    Yet, he says, nothing remains of the momentous events of May 1945. Just one of the Eriboll U-boats is accessible – and this is only to sports divers in the eastern USA.
    The loch was not only the only Scottish rendezvous for U-boats to give up the war but the biggest single surrender of the fleet anywhere in the world. Some had even come from Japan, flying tattered black flags from their periscopes.
    No one was more relieved than Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who once wrote: “The only thing that really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril.”
    Then, under Operation Deadlight, the U-boats were scuttled in the Atlantic. Of the 154 U-boats surrendered in total to the Allies, 121 were scuttled in deep water after being stored at Lisahally, Northern Ireland, or Loch Ryan off Stranraer.
    Now in The Grey Wolves of Eriboll, Mr Hird, left, has told the story of the secret mass surrender with new insights, including many personal memories of those who witnessed the events as well as the career histories of the U-boat commanders."
    Secret U-boat surrender that heralded Atlantic peace REVEALED
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