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Tide of Iron

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by CalicoJack1966, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Jul 30, 2013
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    Hello all!

    I'm Chris Williams the sales and Marketing manager for 1A Games, This past year we assumed the prodution of the Tide of Iron WWII board game and series of expansions (under license from Fantasy Flight Games).

    We're currently running a kickstarter for the new edition of the core game - Tide of Iron: Next Wave - and our Chief Designer has written an open letter to, well, all of you out there whether you know us or not.

    He's asked me to post it around in various places, so here it is:

    Tide of Iron is at a crossroads. After two years of limited support for the system, TOI fans are finally getting the love they deserve. The new Stalingrad campaign expansion has finally arrived and is shipping to distributors and retailers across the country as well as overseas. We're working on new web content such as bonus scenarios. We're doing research and making initial plans for future expansions. However, we also face some major challenges.

    The big box core set of Tide of Iron is completely out of print. As a result, we have to reprint the core set before releasing any more expansions. Since there were some things that could be improved in the old core set, such as scenario balance and new player accessibility, we decided to update it as the Next Wave Core Set, and lower the price point for new players in the process. Thus, it will contain a reorganized rules presentation, quick start rules, and still contain all the components you need to play the existing TOI published scenarios. All this in a smaller box that is easier to store and ship.

    Here is the problem: To maintain the quality of the components that you've come to expect from Tide of Iron, the Next Wave Core Set is going to be fairly expensive to produce. 1A Games is a new company, and doesn't have very deep pockets. For instance, despite my title of Chief Game Designer, I'm only working part-time for 1A Games. During the day, I'm a substitute teacher. We need your help to meet those production costs.

    You might think that since you already own your copy of the old core set, that all this won't affect you and you can just buy the expansions. The problem is that most retailers and distributors won't carry expansions for a core game that is out of print. If no one will carry the expansions, we can't afford to make them. That means that if Next Wave Core Set Kickstarter doesn't fund its base goal, we won't be able to produce any of the following expansions:

    1. The Pacific: We desperately want to bring the Japanese and the USMC to Tide of Iron. It is long overdue, and is a high priority for us.

    2. North Africa: The Days of the Fox expansion is also out of print, along with the British in Tide of Iron. Bill Jaffe and I are agreed that we want to do more than just a reprint. We want to completely revisit North Africa with two expansions, one covering the Americans in Tunisia, as well as one that just focuses on the British in Libya and Egypt.

    3. The Early War: Except for the Eastern Front, TOI (in print) pretty much begins in 1944. We plan to change that. In addition to the North Africa expansions, we want to release expansions covering Poland, France, and Finland.

    Please don't think of this as an ultimatum. We just want you to know what's at stake for the future of Tide of Iron. With the Next Wave Core Set in print, we will be able to draw new players into the game, create an organized play program, and keep creating TOI expansions that will eventually cover the entirety of World War II.

    We know that the holidays are fast approaching, and that you all have other claims on your time and money. Even if you can't afford to pledge much yourself right now, please help us by spreading the word to your friends and fellow gamers. Please post about it on forums, discuss the project at your local game store, and add it to your Facebook page and Twitter feed. With your help, we can keep Tide of Iron in print and expanding for years to come.

    [SIZE=11pt]Craig Robertson, Chief Game Designer, 1A Games[/SIZE]

    Here is a link to the KS page, for those who are interested:

    Thanks for your time and attention.

    If you have any questions about Tide of Iron, I'll be happy to answer them as best I can. We'd like to try and jumpstart war gaming here on the WWII Forums site, so help us do that by getting involved!
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