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U Boat.

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by James Stewart, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Jan 21, 2020
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    This is a book from Eduardo Delgado/ Julio Gabos/ Ivan Galan. published by Scale Editions a private publisher based in Madrid. WOLFE "The battle of the Atlantic"

    Eduardo is a well-known historian and collector of Kriegsmarine items, his depth of knowledge is second to none, a very genuine man.

    The book looks at an advanced model of a Type VIIC U-boat its tower and the crewmen found on it, highly detailed it would (IMO) not be for the novice, price wise it is 300 Euros odd.
    The book is real half and half, the first half looks at the history of the U Boat in WW2 ( Types, well-illustrated but briefly) and the uniforms and equipment used by U Boatcrew with special reference to the items seen as part of the kit ( Uniform, bridge, and personal kit).
    The second part looks at the building of the kit, paints, materials and the techniques used to get the best-finished product.
    So it is part history and part modelling but show me anyone who loves WW2 history who has never built an "Airfix or similar we have all done this.
    As a project, it works very well and has something for model builders and students of history.
    ( The book can be had by mail order and is approx. 90 Euros, some might say expensive but you do get a very good quality book which has plenty in it.)
    The only changes I would have made would be the binoculars, the beh7x50 and the U Boatglas are ( IMO) later war binoculars for this boat, I would have gone for Zeiss smooth ocular or tuna can 7x50 Leitz, but this is just me and it certainly is not a detraction from the project.
    value for money 100%. IMG_9192.JPG IMG_9193.JPG IMG_9209.JPG IMG_9194.JPG IMG_9195.JPG IMG_9199.JPG IMG_9201.JPG IMG_9200.JPG IMG_9203.JPG IMG_9206.JPG
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