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Waterloo Hero's Relic Proven Genuine

Discussion in 'Military History' started by GRW, Jun 17, 2018.

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    "The jacket worn by a British war hero who survived being shot in the Battle of Waterloo has been confirmed as the real thing by forensic experts.
    Sir Thomas Noel Harris, a Brigade-Major in the battle, played a pivotal role in the conflict in 1815 where he was shot and had his arm amputated.
    Sometime after the battle his family bought a jacket purporting to be the one the officer wore at the time. It stayed within the family for 200 years.
    Recently his descendants wanted to know for sure that the item of clothing was genuine, so they asked forensic experts at Cranfield University in Oxfordshire to run tests.
    Professor Andrew Shortland, Director of Canfield Forensic Institute (CFI), and his team took DNA samples from the jacket's fibres to compare with relatives
    They then extracted soil samples from the piece of clothing to compare with dirt from the Waterloo battlefield.
    The team found that the DNA from blood stains on the jacket had degraded too much for analysis.
    But the mineral content in the soil samples matched dirt taken from the British section of the battlefield, confirming that the jacket was worn in battle.
    It's thought that Sir Thomas lay on the dirt overnight after being wounded and falling off his horse."
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