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Wehrmacht Helmets

Discussion in 'German WWII Uniforms and Equipment' started by Jim, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Remanufactured Army M1918 ‘ear cut-out’ helmet

    The M1 91 8 ‘ear cut-out’ helmets put back into very limited production to fill a shortfall of helmets during the expansion of the Wehrmacht in the mid-1930s were modelled exactly on the World War I pattern. The size range was increased, however: the World War I helmet was only ever made in 64cm shell size, but the 1930s model was produced in the 66cm shell. This example exhibits a smooth, hand-painted medium green finish over a lighter green Reichswehr paint, and has the internal characteristics common to helmets converted for Wehrmacht use in early 1934.


    M1940 Luftwaffe helmet

    This un-issued M1940 helmet demonstrates the colour and textured paint finish common to Luftwaffe helmets beginning in 1940. The single second pattern eagle decal was applied to this helmet without protective lacquer; consequently it still retains its overall white appearance.


    M1935 Kriegsmarine helmet

    Like their Army counterparts, naval helmets were produced in various shades of light to medium field-grey. Early examples such as this were finished in smooth paint with double decals. The variant chinstrap is manufactured from utility straps used on tropical combat equipment. Kriegsmarine helmets are often encountered with variant or field-modified chinstraps.


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